Installation & Cancellation Charges

    New Line Installation charge
    Cancellation of ADSL connection
    Cancellation of Fibre broadband connection
    Cancellation of new broadband order within 48 hours of activation
    Change of premises charge per line or broadband

    Time Related Charges

    Time related charges are raised to cover the time spent by Openreach Engineers repairing faults where this work is not covered, and for providing or rearranging services, customer-owned wiring or equipment.
    Type of Repair
    Normal Working Day
    Mon - Fri
    All other times except Sundays and Public Holidays
    Sundays and Bank Holidays
    Call outs to repair faults associated with any network, cabling, dropwire or underground feeds within a customers curtilage including the Network Terminating Point
    Per call out including the first hour
    Time in excess of the first hour
    Minimum Charging Period
    One Hour
    Time related charges apply where a fault is found not to be within the Openreach service or equipment. In particular, this covers the situation where no fault is found, or the fault is found to be non-Openreach equipment, or is due to damage caused by someone at the end user's premises, or due to theft, loss or removal of equipment, or in the case of customer or end user owned orrented equipment (but not Openreach's network) faults caused by external or environmental factors (e.g. lightning, electrical surges or floods).

    Abortive Visit Charges

    Type of Charge
    Normal Working Day
    Monday - Friday
    All other times except Sundays and Bank Holidays
    Sundays and Bank Holidays
    Missed Faults Visits
    Missed Installation Appointment

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