Non Geographic
    or Virtual Numbers

    Number translation services enable any business, to improve service to customers and staff, especially where a large number of incoming calls are directed to one person or a group of people.

    Using a range of different numbers, gives you flexibility in how you choose to market your company.

    We provide a wide range of numbers and can tailor call routing plans to your exact requirements


    An Overview

    Most telephone numbers are assigned to the town or city within the UK. Non-geographic numbers are not assigned according to a geographic location. Instead, they are virtual telephone numbers that can be used no matter where your business is located in the UK.

    Non-geographic numbers can be mapped to any existing phone number and can be routed anywhere, even routed internationally, so you've no need to ever miss another important telephone call. Depending on what number you choose to use your customers may see these numbers as local domestic numbers, no matter where they’re calling from, making it affordable for them to contact your business anytime. Fractal Telecom offers a variety of non-geographic number ranges, so you can select the type that works best for your business.

    Our Services

    01 / 02 Numbers

    Cut your local ties and attract business from all over the country.

    0330 & 0333 Numbers

    Open your business up to national opportunities.

    0800 & 0808 Numbers

    Make use of a single business number regardless of your location.

    0300 & 0303 Numbers

    An exclusive range for charitable and not-for-profit businesses.

    Understanding Numbers

    What are NGN numbers?

    NGN is an abbreviation to describe the non-geographic number. Put simply a non-geographic number is one not linked to any specific location. That said some number ranges can be set up to give the same level of programability for UK standard area codes.

    What features are available?

    Having an advertised number routed to an intelligent network allows you to set up multiple options for 'if this then that' (ITTT). The level of programability is immense, if you want to know more then please click here.

    Why would I use one?

    Non geographic numbers are a great way for you to advertise a local presence , or can be deployed with a more anonymous number (03xx or 08xx) to drive sales across the UK. They provide realtime calling reports to help you analyse your advertisning and marketing spend.

    How is it delivered?

    All virtual and non geographic numbers are delivered to ordinary lines via an Intelligent Network, this allows for conditions to be set (and changed when needed) so call flow is achieved in an efficient manner.

    Why get a business number from Fractal Telecom?

    Disaster recovery

    System failures can and do occur and have a negative impact on the equipment we use to control our telephone calls but other causes of failure are out of our direct control. The ability to instantly re-route your inbound calls is at the centre of this product. Business numbers can be re-directed in seconds.

    Call statistics

    Intelligent networks are not just about the ability to dynamically re-route calls. They also capture call data to show more than the just the date time and duration of the call, but important aspects concerning the origination of the call and the time taken to answer provide valuable insights into our abilty to answer the calls and where our advertising budget is working at it's best.

    Management portal

    Our online portal is simply the best and most intuitive for managing your numbers, it's personalised to your account so you’re able to manage your business telephone numbers and call handling with a minimum of effort. It's important to be able, with just a few clicks, instantly change how you handle your inbound phone calls. It’s flexible, agile and always available for you.

    Already have a number?

    Number portability agreements exist to allow you to retain your existing number. If you have been using one of these numbers, your customers will have got used to it by now, number portability allows you to transfer to another provider for cheaper usage charges. So you're not stuck with your supplier if they put up the charges. Contact us if you more information on how this works.

    Can we help you?

    The use of number translation services is often not fully understood, if you have any questions please reach out and talk to us, we are here to help.

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