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    Our Hosted telephone service is built on the industry leading platform called BroadSoft and brings together a marriage of the reliability, functionality, rich application sets of Cloud based Unified Communications with the added flexibility and automation of Uboss.

    With this solution you really can scale gracefully from one to hundreds or to thousands of users spanning over multiple sites and even multiple countries. With the ability to add service bundles to suit individual requirements the solution can be feature-mapped to any user or site.

    We've created 3 starter options that can then be tailored to your exact requirements through our provisoning and management portal, so click on the link for more details. The service is flexible, scalable, and transparent, with a 30-day minimum term.

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    Take a look at what makes it different

    We believe we have the most feature enabled implementation of BroadSoft available anywhere in the UK. Additionally we can offer custom apps and call centre reporting techniques through Uboss.

    Key features include, BroadSoft Premium Call Centre, Simultaneous Ringing on multiple devices, BroadWorks Anywhere, Shared Call Appearance user services as well as the normal group services such as auto attendant, message announcements and hunt groups.

    What's not right with our existing communications?

    For too long most businesses have had to juggle between different communications platforms and it wastes a lot of time. Hosted VoIP cuts across all that by providing a single platform for desktop, mobile, messaging and video conferencing.
    Our unified communications solution satisfies all of your internal and external communication needs including voice and video calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing and document sharing.

    With capabilities across desktop and mobile, the platform is perfect for enabling remote working as well as supporting those in the office.

    Implementing unified communications is easy, and has minimal hardware requirements. A basic license is needed for each user and then an 'a la carte' selection of options can be added to tailor the solution to your exact requirements.

    The service is built on an award winning telephony platform and using a dedicated business network, we can take your communications to the next level.

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP is a communications technology that enables you to make phone calls using your broadband connection instead of landline service. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is an open
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    Why are things changing?

    The UK has been investing in new communications, to allow a convergence between the data we need to transmit into the internet and also our needs to be able to
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    What makes hosted telephony different?

    The traditional phone system is no longer ideal for the modern consumer or business. Rather than helping a business, older phone systems can actually be the cause of several setbacks.In
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    What are my options?

    Two options really, you could choose to invest in an on premise solution to support your business infrastructure and make use of SIP trunks over the internet to make and
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Actually it's really good, technically speaking digital conversions could reduce the overall quality of the sound transferred but update to CODECS mean that near HD qualiity sound is replicated for the end user.

    You get a similar level of clarity on VoIP as you do with your regular landline.

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