Keeping your data safe in a digital world

    We are committed to helping you stay safe in the digital world by providing:

    • Cloud back-up
    • End Point Security

    Simple straight-forward IT strategies go a long way to making sure your data is protected safely.

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    What is IT Support?

    In it's simplest form, IT support describes any assistance given to someone to enable them to make best use of their PC when it appeared not to be working as it should.

    We believe your data is the most important asset and should be protected from those who would seek to tamper with it.

    We provide a continuous backup mechanism to all your business essential data and also provide end point security to proactively monitor threats that could be made from the outside world.

    What we provide.

    Data safeguarding products with IT support to help you determine an effective IT strategy.

    Why do you need IT Support?

    To protect your business reputation from the affects of data breaches.

    To manage and maintain business continuity in the event that something does go wrong.

    Fractal Telecom provides a simple to understand level of IT support. We look after your data and not your equipment, though we do include an award winning endpoint security solution as part of the package. We believe your equipment is easy to replace, however your data isn't.

    For many smaller businesses the protection has to be placed on your data. Given that cyber attacks occur to anyone, we aim to keep your data safe by providing a secure and protected repository for your data. We don't leave your equipment vulnerable as we include ESETs award winning endpoint security for each of your devices.

    There are many MSPs that don't even consider a client with less than 10 PCs a viable opportunity, so we're here to help.


    What do we do?

    We will take a look at your IT real estate, making some changes where necessary and then make sure your critical data is backed up to a secure cloud storage area. We also include the award winning ESET Endpoint security to make sure clear and present threats are obviated. Our portal allows us to inspect and remediate potential violations before they happen. Security patch management is also a part of our service, making sure your machines maintain a healthy state throughout.

    What do you get?

    For many it's peace of mind. That said our cloud backup provides a basis for collaboration and shared resources so people can work on the same files where other users are updated in real time. This is great for project environments as it avoids multiple copies of the same information. The platform allows for editing of documents between different users and an extensive log of who made what changes. Should something or someone make an unwanted change or even accidental deletion of a file, revision rollback will provide restoration of the data to an earlier iteration, so no harm is done.

    How much does it cost?

    For each PC we charge £19.75 per month to provide secure cloud backup and endpoint security by ESET. Discounts may be applied for larger users.

    If you have a question

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